About Wool Dreams

 Wool Dreams is my dear project where I share my art and creations and helpful tips for a beautiful life.

I love to create, to draw and paint, and this path of creation gives me great joy and fulfillment! But being a sensitive person also compels me to share as much as I can from all the lessons I am constantly learning from life.

I know life isn’t always easy and that there are moments that we feel completely lost and desperate. So it’s important to have something to hold onto in these moments, to help us, inspire us and comfort us, so we can begin to take the steps to what our lives should really be. A Wonderful, Marvelous, Beautiful Life, where we can be ourselves and express our uniquely amazing gifts, the ones that make us feel truly Happy and Rewarded!

It’s an amazing thing that we are all already born with our amazing unique gifts! When you realize that the things you should do are really the things that you LOVE to do, you’ll see how your whole life opens up to you! You can’t, and shouldn’t, deprive the world of your Amazing Light! We all are a unique and essential part of this Beautiful World.

A little more about me

I’m Sara, I was born in Portugal and I’m currently living in my beautiful country. Since I was a little girl I already knew what I wanted to do, to be an Animator! I studied Art throughout High School and Fine Arts in College. I’ve been doing freelance work since then, doing illustrations and working with my partner in our project OrizonArt Studios.

I love to dance! My two choices in life were to be an Artist or a Dancer. I eventually chose the artistic path, but dance is always present in my life. Everything I do has music and movement. I love to create stories inspired by the music I listen, I draw and paint listening music, I do my house chores listening and dancing at the same time! And I also like to bring movement to my illustrations.

I also love love to draw girls, happy, smiling girls in beautiful scenarios! I think that if we are able to create our own reality based on our feelings and thoughts, we should be creating thinks that make us feel happy, light and inspired!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me!

Sara Martins