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Angel of Light

Angel of Light

This painting is full of light, delicacy, and serenity. A beautiful Angel lights up and protects this sweet planet.  She reminds us of our higher self, our majesty, our unique strength, and power. She shows us how to be calm, confident, to trust and let the light shine. Everything is blessed and have a higher purpose in our life. We are all connected and creating a beautiful life together!

A little about the process

Every step of this illustration was done in Photoshop, from the very first idea to the finishing touches.

I needed a new cover for my Spirituality notebook. I enjoy having specific notebooks for different areas of my life, like drawing notebook, spirituality, business, recipes, and so on. I felt like I was missing a cover that inspired me and made me feel happy every time I held the notebook.

I had an idea of creating a soft abstract painting, colored with light pink and coral shades, but this drawing soon became a different kind of painting, one where a young and serene angel was the main star. I really wanted to explore this concept further and created her story. She was an Angel of Light that illuminated and protected the planet Earth.

I really enjoyed painting her. I loved working on the colors, giving a special attention to the face and her soft expression and coloring her hair with multiple tones. In this illustration I also tried to use a little more perspective, bringing the girl closer to us, gently floating, and placing the planet Earth farther away.

However, making this painting wasn’t a piece of cake!

I did and remade the character multiple times until her design and style were just right. The colors I first painted weren’t really clicking with the atmosphere I wanted for this piece, and it took me a few times to get the background right. For a long time, I wasn’t able to finish this painting the way that I wanted, since so many elements were disconnected.

I had to stop and ask myself: “What would be the perfect drawing for me?”. From here everything became easier. I continued to work in the direction of my original concept and accomplished the perfect result that I had imagined!

Every time you feel lost and not knowing what direction to take, stop for a moment, calm yourself down and empty your mind. When you feel calmer, ask yourself what are you looking for. And the answer will come to you in the best way imaginable!

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Angel of Light Wallpaper

Angel of Light Wallpaper

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