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Angel of Light

Angel of Light

This painting is full of light, delicacy, and serenity. A beautiful Angel lights up and protects this sweet planet.  She reminds us of our higher self, our majesty, our unique strength, and power. She shows us how to be calm, confident, to trust and let the light shine. Everything is blessed and have a higher purpose in our life. We are all connected and creating a beautiful life together!

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Angel of Light Wallpaper

Angel of Light

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This Wallpaper comes in 4 different resolutions, Wide (2880 x 1800), Standart (2048 x 1536), Tablet (2048 x 2048), and Mobile (1080 x 1920).


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I am Abundant

Abundance is all around us! Take a look at all of your belongings, notice the air you breathe in and out, count the trees, the clouds, the sand grains on the beach, there is always more than enough for everyone! We will never be short of anything because life is abundant! Just trust life, trust that everything you need is already in you, trust in the magnificent and abundant Universe!

Wish you a Peaceful and Abundant Day!

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I am Loved

You are Loved, maybe even more than you think! The Universe loves you and cheers for you in all your achievements, encourages you in all your learnings, understands you in all your suffering, comforts you and embraces you. In our true essence, we are all One and we are Love. Feel all the love that is always with you and accompanies you everywhere!

A blessed and loving day for you!


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I am Wealthy

Wealth can manifest in many ways! Wealth can manifest in form of money, good health, a wonderful house, beautiful and comfortable clothes, a happy family, a great and rewarding job and so much more! Don’t just focus on the money but focus on your dreams and what amazing things you have right now. Money is energy and a tool to enjoy our lives in the best way possible! So focus on being happy and grateful right now and everything you need and desire will come to present.

Have a really Sweet and Amazing Day!

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I am Healthy

Concentrate on all the good things you have, on your wonderful body, on how you breathe in and breath out so naturally, how all your organs work by themselves, how your body regenerates itself without you even thinking about it. And if there is something in your health that you think is not so good, ask your body what is wrong and what you should notice to heal. Your body speaks to you so that you can realize when you are neglecting part of yourself and that you care and love yourself fully. Your whole being is wise! Listen and you will know!

Have a harmonious and bright day!


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I am Happy

Happiness is a state of mind. You don’t need anything outside of you to be happy, you can be happy, right now, just because you decide to be so. Find happiness inside you and everything around you will reflect that happiness. Choose to be well and Happy for no reason! And nothing will be able to shake that happiness, only complement it.

A happy and joyful day for you!