About me

I’m Sara, I was born in Portugal and I’m currently living in my beautiful country. Since I was a little girl I already knew what I wanted to do, to be an Animator! I studied Art throughout High School and Fine Arts in College. I’ve been doing freelance work since then, doing illustrations and working with my partner in our project OrizonArt Studios.

I love to dance! My two choices in life were to be an Artist or a Dancer. I eventually chose the artistic path, but dance is always present in my life. Everything I do has music and movement. I love to create stories inspired by the music I listen, I draw and paint listening music, I do my house chores listening and dancing at the same time! And I also like to bring movement to my illustrations.

I also love love to draw girls, happy, smiling girls in beautiful scenarios! I think that if we are able to create our own reality based on our feelings and thoughts, we should be creating thinks that make us feel happy, light and inspired!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me!

Sara Martins


 I sell physical goodies with my dear illustrations on Society6 . There are some amazing goodies wating for you, check them out!


Share with me your thoughts or anything you would like to ask me!

If you have a request for a product or work, feel free to leave a message and I’ll contact you really soon!